Episode 44

Training Sales on The True Cost of a Deal


April 8th, 2021

18 mins 23 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

In this episode, the discussion wraps around understanding the True Cost of a Deal. As a leader, one must know the other costs to be considered when doing a deal or the right comp! What are the options if sales reps are unsatisfied with comps in some way? What is a holistic Cost Of Goods Sold (COGS) to a deal?

Making a deal is just not all about making sales. There are also True Costs involved. With this in mind, Knowing the holistic real number behind the actual cost of the sale is essential. In this episode, we will discuss the common reasons for sales reps not being happy with the comps that cause most misunderstandings between them and the sales organization. Aside from these, we will explain the costs involved in comping for deals and about COGS. Also, we will talk about the solutions that sales organizations can do to resolve issues with sales reps.

The sales organizations and sales reps are responsible for each other. Learn more ways to create a win-win environment for both in terms of making money through this episode. Listen up and jot down those nuggets of wisdom.

“There’s a lot of economics around just the real cost, the time to recoup, and cash flow management for this.” - Josh Sweeney

“Any example that we just talked about all the internal resources and the cost that go on to supporting that sale, spit it on the salesman and say “okay, would you like to do this yourself? Would you like to prospect, close, create and handle supply chain, handle accounting, handle billing software, handle the audits, handle sales support” just list 'em out! Cause I have done that and it is very fun to watch the formerly bitter salesperson, their face softens a little bit, and then they’ll have that AHA! moment.” - Taylor Barnes