Episode 46

New Sales Leadership Shouldn't Cost You Sales People


April 22nd, 2021

16 mins 3 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

A discussion about a common dilemma for leaders awaits the listeners of this episode -- aligning product or service mix to do away with sales complexity -- its reasons and how to do it right.

Most businesses thought that expanding their products or services into more mixes will increase their sales or gain more customers. But in reality, most products and services are unrelated. Because of this, it makes managing or aligning offerings complicated and quite challenging. What are some of the reasons why most businesses cannot focus on one or related product or service? That will be the focus of this episode. Sweeney and Barnes will also discuss making things right when complications arise from expanding, to be up and running again.

Here is one question to ponder on for sales leaders: what are you doing to ensure that your products or services are aligned and that one door opens the next?

“The leader challenge is it’s hard to sell multiple services that are not directly aligned.” - Josh Sweeney

“You could be the best apply stand in town. People could come to you because you’ve got the best apples in the world, and you’ve got this tremendous business. And then, a customer comes to you and says “I like some oranges.” and then, for whatever reason, you say “alright, I can do that, I can do some oranges. And then you do that, and all of a sudden, what happens? Now you’re just another fruit stand.” - Taylor Barnes