Episode 47

Top Sales Training Hacks


April 29th, 2021

14 mins 55 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

Every time you try to develop training for your sales folks, you write a playbook, a more challenging role for sales leaders. It is a fact that training your sales representatives is essential, but most of the time, it is elusive due to some factors. In this show, Sweeney and Barnes will discuss why training does not happen and how to make it happen.
Every tick of time is essential for sales leaders because the timing in sales is critical. However, most often, sales leaders tend to miss out on training their sales force. Why is this the case?

In this episode, Sweeney and Barnes will discuss reasons why sales leaders miss to make training for salespeople happen, especially in the fast pace sales companies, and what this implies. They will also talk about solutions to make it happen.

As a sales leader, what are you doing to get reps trained and up to speed quickly?

(on getting salespeople on board without proper training) “The minimum amount of information wasn’t there, and all of a sudden, they don’t know how to answer when they do get a question, or they do not have enough understanding in the organization. So, there is a concept, I think, of slowing down in order to go faster when it comes to training.” - Josh Sweeney

There is a lot of technology out there these days… If you can utilize technologies such as the loom, for instance, well then you can create quick videos over time... and then give the responsibility, maybe, to these individuals to get trained through them, bring them quality questions, and that will significantly decrease the amount manual effort that you are gonna feel and hopefully make a little less daunting.” - Taylor Barnes