Episode 48

Top Distractions That Harm Sales Close Rates


May 6th, 2021

18 mins 47 secs

Season 2

Your Hosts

About this Episode

This episode talks about the top distractions for salespeople that make them lose focus on the right tasks to close enough deals and reasons why salespeople get distracted. Like any other challenge, there are solutions to resolve it. Sweeney and Barnes' will also include the solutions on why these challenges occur.

It is the sales leader’s responsibility to direct the salespeople into doing the right tasks to help them focus and close enough deals. However, there are instances where leaders fail to do so and leave their salespeople in confusion.

In this episode, Sweeney and Barnes discuss why sales leaders tend to lose that sense of guidance. As a result, salespeople lose their focus on what right tasks to do to close more deals. Also included in this episode are the solutions for every reason why it happens.

As a sales leader, what are you doing to remove distractions so that your salespeople can focus on selling?

“There is a line that we have to draw sales leaders out there. If the rep is too involved in things like transition, delivery, problems, issues, changes, where that is a true function of operation, well then the sales reps are gonna get bogged down, and they are not gonna be closing enough deals because they are completely distracted by something else. ” - Taylor Barnes