Episode 52

Sales and Marketing Alignment


June 10th, 2021

13 mins 59 secs

Season 2

Your Hosts

About this Episode

This episode talks about another challenge for leaders: deals don’t flow correctly when sales and marketing aren’t aligned. Sweeney and Barnes will talk about the reasons why there is no alignment between sales and marketing teams. They will also include the solutions to handle this challenge.

Alignment in teams is necessary for an organization to share a common goal to achieve enormous success, especially in sales companies. However, there are times that this alignment gets out of tune. Misalignment is where problems come in and becomes a challenge for leaders.

In this episode, Sweeney and Barnes discuss why misalignments happen in organizations, particularly between sales and marketing teams. This episode will enlighten leaders on the possible reasons why this happens and gives brilliant ideas for leaders to bring the alignment back.

As a sales leader, what are you doing to break down the sales and marketing silos?

“Communication involvement has to happen, and you, kind of, have to walk in somebody else’s shoes to know what is going on.” - Josh Sweeney

“Sales needs to make sure that marketing knows what’s relevant out there. And no one’s going to know that better than sales and sales leaders.” - Taylor Barnes

“Aligning marketing with revenue really facilitates different conversations that help everybody.” - Josh Sweeney

“As sales leaders, you must get with marketing because us, sitting here saying those leads suck, those are not good enough, that’s not helping us.” - Taylor Barnes